Having a great product is not enough for a startup to succeed. Well-developed financial acumen, solid business strategy, and high operational efficiency are critical factors that set star performers from the rest of the pack.

OLEKSIY NESTERENKO. STARTUP FINANCE provides the needed financial and strategic insight that enables businesses to thrive.




Financial Modeling

Financial model is an essential tool for better decision making. I will build, maintain and interpret your financial model, so you can analyze the impact of your decisions on the business.

Business Plans

Large number of businesses does not succeed simply because they fail to plan. I will help you identify market opportunities, reduce risk, and develop a roadmap for your business, based on financial and economic analysis.


Understanding the unit economics of the business is crucial for success. I will provide an analysis of the key metrics for your business, including: Pricing, Lifetime Value, Cost per Acquisition, Contribution Margin, and Growth Sensitivity.

Cap Tables 

Determining ownership percentage post various rounds of financing can be tricky. I will create and maintain a flexible and easy to visualize cap table for your business.

Organizational Processes

Rapid growth is not just about software engineering, but organizational engineering. I will work with you to facilitate the transitioning and avoid the “growing” pains.


In order for business to remain agile, management must have access to adequate and relevant info. I will produce a dashboard so you, your team, and your investors have a clear picture of what is happening in the business.


Best thing is to never need to raise money. But if you do, I will help you size your round required to get to an accretive milestone and find appropriate sources of capital.


Your business has been launched, customers can’t get enough of your product and you successfully scaled. If things don’t go as smoothly, I will prepare you for all the issues in-between.


Budgeting/forecasting not only brings structure to the business, but serves as a benchmark for performance evaluation. I will lead the financial development of forecasts and budgets and oversee finance related period-end closing.


Whether you are planning to grow through acquisitions or contemplating an exit, M&A transactions need to be properly management. I will spearhead and oversee all the necessary processes from due diligence to signing.

Board Meetings

Successful communication and collaboration with your board is of essence. I will prepare and ensure that your data and presentation are properly focused.

Investor Relations

Poor or non-existent communications is the surest way to annoy investors. I will keep them happy for you. Happy investors bring other investors to the party.


Social Profile 

Having lived in 5 countries and worked with a diverse group of companies, I witnessed firsthand that sustainable economic growth across a firm, an industry, and even a country could only be achieved by encouraging a culture of innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and endorsing collaboration.

In my work, I aid entrepreneurs in converting their concept ideas into viable and prosperous businesses that challenge status quo, redefine consumer experiences, and revolutionize archaic systems.

I help clients adapt prudent financial discipline and efficient operational processes, clear up the fog with respect to their business strategy, and bring clarity and structure to their approach. I keep the buzzwords out, and help clients understand the intricacies of financial aspects of their businesses in plain, easy to understand English.

My career began as an investment banking analyst in Silicon Valley, where I worked with some of the most innovative technology companies including eBay, Skype, and Serena Software, among others. Later I gained exposure to the European technology ecosystem, when I relocated to Europe to help with the bank’s build-up of the technology financial advisory practice in the region.

After years in the corporate world, my enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and eagerness to help early stage companies succeed led me to start my own venture with a mission to make top quality financial and strategic expertise available to all businesses, with cost being no barrier.

Alma Mater 

I received an MBA degree in Finance and Strategy from INSEAD and a BA degree with honors (magna cum laude) in Business Economics, with Minor in Accounting from UCLA.


I am based in Los Angeles, CA, but work with clients from every part of the world.


With more than 9 years of experience in technology investment banking and startup financial advisory, I had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies virtually from everywhere around the globe. My clients ranged from entrepreneurs who were starting out with just an idea, through startups seeking to improve their financial processes, through mid-sized companies seeking to grow through M&A, to large multinational corporations seeking to disposes some of their assets.

Despite being a diverse group, all clients shared one common goal – need to access top quality financial expertise and advice to help them manage their business finances and growth plans more effectively.

For years, I have been assisting entrepreneurs and early stage companies to cope with various challenges in their businesses, and have a reputation for providing candid, well-thought-out, and effective solutions to clients’ specific needs, regardless of complexity.

Unfortunately, many companies fail because of poor financial management and my goal is to prevent this from happening.


Oleksiy excels as a financial consultant given a range of talents: intellectual horsepower and ability to grasp complicated materials, analytical and quantitative skills, decision-making and problem-solving skills, judgment, communication skills, and confidence.
Jeff Shusta, SVP, Business Development 3M
While being technically very strong, Oleksiy’s communication skills put him head and shoulders above the rest. It is a rare combination to get an advisor who can both “do the numbers” as well as clearly communicate what those numbers mean.
Adam Roston, SVP, Mergers & Acquisitions IAC
I worked with Oleksiy directly on numerous projects and was always impressed with the quality of his work. He is an outstanding financial advisor. Rock solid.
Villi Iltchev, SVP, Strategy & Corporate Development Box
Oleksiy did a great job in helping us to develop an improved strategy and financing plan for the company that led to new investors putting a far higher value on the business than we expected.
Vadim Rakhovsky, CEO Nanotech SWHL
Oleksiy did a fantastic job for us. He was communicative, on time, added value in discussions and built a very high quality model. I highly recommend you to work with Oleksiy and I will continue working with him.
Daniel Roth, CEO Aspire Rock


1736 Westwood Blvd. # 206, Los Angeles, CA 90024
+1 (310) 710 4248



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